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How long should I expect to wait for my valuation?

We try to get your valuation back within 4 hours, however occasionally we may take a little longer to get the best possible price. We may also contact you for further information if needed which may delay things slightly.

Will I have to pay for the valuation inspection on my car?

No, even if we don’t buy your car, you won’t be charged for our time.

I received a valuation online a few months ago, is it still valid?

The valuation is valid for 7 days. After that we will have to revalue the car. Although there is usually little difference in price, sometimes the used car market can fluctuate quite a lot.

After I agree to sell my car, how will I be paid?

Its easy, we can either offer a cheque or secure bank transfer which should be in your bank the same day if not straight away.

Is there a transaction or administration fee?

No, absolutely not, we do not charge you to buy your car!

What about the value of my remaining road tax?

Its good news, due to the changes in the way we tax our cars all remaining road tax is now automatically refunded by the goverment when you sell your car.

What happens if I don't enter full details of my car's condition?

Its not a problem, we will however make certain assumptions regarding the condition of your car (for example: no body damage or mechanical faults, 2 keys etc). The valuation given is dependent on the description you give us so if it has any faults just let us know.

Will you offer to buy my car for the amount stated in the online valuation?

Yes definitely we pride ourselves on honouring our original valuations, unless of course there is a fault or damage etc that is found on inspection.

How do you calculate the online valuation for my car?

We use the registration number to find the make and model, owners etc plus the service history, mileage and any further information you forward to give the best possible valuation for your car.

How long does the appointment to buy my car take from beginning to end?

We advise to allow 1 hour although it is usually much faster. We inspect the car inside and out, then road test and check through the paperwork. After that its just a case of doing a HPI check and transferring the money!