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Thinking of selling your car?

Don’t want the hassle and cost of selling privately but would like a better price?

Simply input your vehicle details on the home page and if your car qualifies we will send you 2 prices. An instant sale price and an improved ‘We Sell 4U’ price.

If you decide the ‘We Sell 4U’ option is for you we will inspect the car and confirm the price. The car will be put on sale as one of our own and advertised with our many search partners including Autotrader and with the rest of our stock.

The agreement is for an initial 1 month period and once the car is sold we will pay you the agreed ‘We Sell 4U’ price by instant bank transfer. There are no extra fees or costs.

LincsCarBuyer has the answer with our new 'We Sell 4U' Service!

Please let us know if you would like more information or have any further questions.